5 Easy Recipes For Gooey Homemade Ooze

What's the science behind slime? If you're looking for a general slime recipe, our base slime recipe can be found here: How to Make Slime With Contact Solution We like to use contact lens solution instead of pure borax in our slime recipes. During the holidays you can get really creative and add little treasures inside your slime to make it fun for Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas or otherwise.

It should look similar to the second picture below when you are done working all the liquid starch into the glue. Slowly add 5 more tablespoons of water, stirring well after each one. Most recipes for slime include so-called non-toxic” ingredients and because of that it's assumed that they are safe.

Mix ingredients together with spoon until your slime feels and looks how you want it. You can also add more contact solution if it's still too sticky, just a little bit at a time. You can check out some of our best slime recipes here filled with fun mix-ins. Your water-glue mixture should still be a little relaxing video watery before you mix it with the borax powder-water mixture.

You can add more green food coloring while stirring these solutions together to get your desired color of slime. If the slime feels a bit sticky just add some more eye contact solution or liquid starch. Then, start squishing the slime to help it absorb as much of the borax and water mixture as possible.

Polymers make up the glue, but when you add a secondary ion mixture, the additional product links the polymers into a tighter network than before. 4) Add the contact lens solution slowly and stir and knead the mixture until it becomes thick and putty-like. If this doesn't help, add another ¼ tsp of borax to the water mixture and then try putting the slime back into the mixture again.

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