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Nothing is more enjoyable for a writer than misbehaving celebrities. One detail in a particularly disgusting little-lost-white-girl crime story made me think it's not just knowing that a chimpanzee who believes in the Rapture has his hairy finger on the button that is convincing people we're heading into the end of days: As part of his arsenal, a wannabe cannibal bought a meat tenderizer to do the deed.

The resulting backlash he received from people on social media caused him to go on a twitter meltdown, hurling numerous profanities at each and everyone involved including Slowbeef and TotalBiscuit, the former of which uploaded a video montage of people parodying Phil's persona while the latter took another stab at Phil via a video comment using the writing style of said persona.

Vinny suplexing people and getting really, really excited about it. The winner, bar none, is when he does it to assassinate Vittoria Vici, at her own wedding, in front of countless people, while Vinny joyfully screams into his mic. It figures that Time would decide Molto Ego was worth a huge spread just as a big agent and a big newspaper were saying he was well down the road to Roccodom.

Funny to think of the guy paid by we the people having so much in common with a French control freak. Sometimes when your eyes are open you see other people with their eyes closed. These days the NYTimes reports prison officials around the country fortnite short film are not even bothering with semantics.

However, on August 7, 2018, monetization was restored on DSPGaming, and Phil has since then moved back and resumed his video game playthroughs on the channel, with Phil stating that now all future uploads will now be in a longer format. On November 9, 2017, Phil got enraged at a person on stream who asked why people with different opinions get banned from his chat.

One of the mysteries of New York is how a gaudy restaurant better known for its Italian owner than its French food packs in the crowds despite the surly service.” The first time I went there, when the ringmaster's fanny was the only welcome at the door, was just like the last, when his underlings were chimping his attitude and posture at a dreary magazine party.

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