Funny Things To Ask Siri

Laughter is the food of life. Top 5 most stupid questions and answers. I was both to a lot of people depending on how close you were to me. It was fun being different things to different people and I was enjoying my escapades with the girls. Be warned—once your kids know they can ask this, you might hear Alexa's slightly creepy rendition of birthday greetings when you least expect it.

I feel so privileged that I was able to experience those talented musicians while enjoying delicious food with the view of the fjord. How about a family fun day of exciting laser tag. If the answer is a reference to a show, movie, book, or other media, I'll include what the reference is to so that fans are sure to ask Siri the right question.

Whether you're talking to Google Home, Google Home Mini, or the Google Assistant here's a list of 100 questions to help you get to know Google Home better. Don Rickles once said Some people say funny things, but I say things funny”. Even if you aren't funny, these gifts will surely convince the people in your life otherwise.

There Like a boss are some awesome places there and it's probably the most beautiful part of CT. This list includes some very nice places and showcases the beauty and vibrancy of our beautiful city, but the majority of the venues seems to be about spending lots of time with hoards of other people all trying to do the same thing at the same time.

Wildlife and bird lovers will surely enjoy the Dinma Lake. Easter and chocolate eggs seem to be no laughing matter for Siri, but of course there are lots of 'Easter Eggs' to be found if you ask Siri the right questions - many of which are covered in this article.

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