Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)

The University of Hertfordshire work in conjunction with Anglia Assessment Centre to provide DSA Needs Assessments on our College Lane campus. The Assessment Centre is paid for their work from the student's DSA funds (approximately £450 - £600 a time) and while this reduces the total amount of funds available to the student it is recognised by the funding bodies as being an effective way of detailing the support package and resources the student requires and of ensuring that the support package addresses all the student's needs and includes appropriate warranties and insurance.

We send a copy of the report to your funding body (so you can get the support). If your condition has not been documented in this way, you should contact Student Finance who will provide you with details of who to contact before the start of your course. DSA allowances cannot be granted for what is a dsa needs assessment repeat periods of study.

Students are free, however, to attend any assessment centre of their choosing. An individual allowance, such as the DSA, is intended to meet those support needs that remain even after the institution has fulfilled its part. If you wish to upgrade your equipment or use an alternative support provider you may contact your funding body to agree this, within the approved cost limits.

This is what weighs whether the students really need or deserve the allowance. In these cases, there will be no need to direct any students to any of the access centres for further referral. An assessor cannot make recommendations relating to a disability that is disclosed during the assessment.

For students who may require manual note taking support and who will not be eligible for DSA funding to cover the cost of this, assessors are asked to consider recommending equipment-based strategies that the student may, with support from the university, be able to implement, or work towards implementing in the future.

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