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While Jake didn't appear from the first movie, his voice could be heard after leaving a voicemail for Shane warning him about the backlash he would receive in the sequence and sending several text messages.

"I know you are gonna get criticism for this. I don't even believe I must warn you. People hate me. Like, literally, I am hated by them. If that is gonna hurt you, then I do not wanna take action," he explained. "If there is anything we can do to prevent you getting hurt, we should take action. And we should only be as fair as you possibly can. I trust you."

Shane disclosed that he would be talking throughout the show to a number of people, such as Jake's family friends, and individuals who he'd fallouts with. For the first movie, Shane talked to YouTube critic INabber what happened to Jake's friend band and to attempt and know more about Team 10.

According INabber, many members of Team 10 have paid to be a part of the group, including signing contracts that give Jake a proportion of their earnings they make to. A lot of the past stunts of the group were talked about and how Jake also bullies lots of Team 10's members, both physically and verbally.

Vast majority of the video spoke about Logan's fall out with his struggle and Alissa Violet against FaZe Banks over an assault that took place.

"I believe the logan paul fame may have gone to his head a bit it. Maybe lost his mind marginally," INabber explained.

He also mentions how Jake's behavior to make crazy videos, likely influences Logan Paul, his brother and his loved ones. Shane also introduced a video featuring Jake and his dad, Greg, from an older video that was created after the Secret Service came into his house after he snuck outside at 3:00 AM and hid from the White House. Greg didn't punish his son, but instead said that the Service being meant that Jake do a fantastic job getting material.

He focuses on the suicide woods video which Logan wondered if Jake was okay with that movie being posted in the first location and created.

"I've seen videos of allegedly of him like (Jake) spitting on people, or like beating or hitting Team 10 members, or doing very crazy things in videos, I wonder whether even he would say the suicide video thing is next degree and nearly not person to do that," Shane said.

"I don't think he is a totally awful person. I believe he's somebody who has reached this level of fame and he doesn't want to reduce it," INabber said. "I feel the entire thing of being popular for a lot of individuals on YouTube and notably for a whole lot of newer trend, you need to eliminate morals."

Shane posted on his Twitter after posting the very first video, saying ,"this month I have learned that there is far more than 2 sides to every story. There was 100 and also in each part there is a different facet shared. I wished to make it as fair and balanced as you can."

He also revealed that while he talked to several people because their stories were hard to speak about on camera, others did not need to participate in it.

Shane will post part two of the series on September 27 and will talk to a psychologist in hopes of figuring out if Jake Paul is a sociopath based on his behaviors and videos.

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