Hitachi Magic Wand

Hitachi may market its Magic Wand as an innocent massager, but 32 years of feminine experience prove that it is much, much more. And then came the rechargeable, wireless Magic Wand. The rechargeable model doesn't need to be fully charged to be used, unlike other vibrators. Be sure to check out my Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments Page for a rundown of the most popular wand attachments and accessories as well as a selection of great deals.

The Europe Magic Wand you will find on the market now is a more silent version. In fact, reviewers called it incredibly powerful” and just as strong as the original.”. "Hitachi" Cordless Massager. The original Hitachi device plugs into the wall, but many manufacturers make cordless versions of the Magic Wand as well.

During those hard days that cause built up tension, Hitachi Magic Wand massagers put relief in the palm of your hand. The 'guaranteed orgasm generator' you're looking for is the Hitachi Magic Wand by Vibratex. Get cheap hitachi magic wand, hitachi magic wand g spot , hitachi magic wand personal massager online from China hitachi magic wand speed wholesalers.

"The amazing thing about vibrators is that they're able to provide an intensity of stimulation that you just can't reach with a hand or a tongue,” she tells me. "But at the same time, your body can get accustomed to that level of intensity." Any desensitization, though, is only temporary: "You're not going to cause any lasting damage, nor are you going to get 'addicted.'” I was right, then, in my belief that when properly used, toys don't cause physiological changes — but there are other reasons to reassess their role.

When you aren't using it as a sex toy, use it for what it was originally intended for. Some labels on the back of the EMW massagers show 10 W and some 15 W. That depends on how you decide to label the power usage with or without some load. If you do not enjoy powerful vibrations, users recommend placing a washcloth or towel over the head for a more gentle sensation.

We only sell the Europe Magic Wand, so you have to ask vibratex about the Original Magic Wand that is only selling in the US. With a soft, flexible, tennis ball head, and available in a variety of colours, styles, and features, there's a Magic Wand to suit a variety of people and cordless wand massager needs.

The accessories for Europe Magic Wand (Genius & Genio) are made so they will fit directly on the massagers metal head, so you will remove the white silicone head to attach them. The original has only two settings: really fracking powerful and super powerful, whereas the rechargeable has 4 constant settings going up in power and 4 pulsating settings.

The Hitachi is the secretly world famous heavyweight champ of buzzing sex toys, earning its trophy for consistently beating out even the most stubborn clitoral orgasms. After 32 years on the market and as one of the top selling vibrators around, the Hitachi wand can boast a plethora of attachments, gizmos, and add-ons.

This kind of vibrator was first introduced as a body massager by Hitachi (Hitachi Magic Wand) at the American market for over 40 years ago and has been idolized by users and experts for decades. The rechargeable Hitachi Magic Wand has a distracting bright blue LED light when it is turned on. In a dark room, this light is rather blinding.

I absolutely love my Hitachi Magic Wand. You will soon be able to buy a Europe Magic Wand from with a UK power plug. She told me to get a Hitachi Magic Wand, but to be careful of its power, both physical and psychological, as it's an addictive agent right behind heroin.

Hitachi had a conflict with its U.S. distributor in 2000 and briefly stopped selling the device until it reached a new deal with distributor Vibratex The Magic Wand sold out after being featured in a 2002 episode of Sex and the City Hitachi decided to cease production of the device in 2013 because of concerns about having the company name attached to a sex toy.

The Europe Magic Wand needs to be turned on when it has been unplugged. In the future, when we are out of them, and you want to be on the mailing list for us to notify you when we get some more, email us , and we will keep you abreast of our supply of Hitachi Twin Head Massagers.

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